An Post Rás - Find the Distances

In the box 'Start Point' enter your home address. In the box 'End Point' enter the location where you would like to view the Rás. Click 'Get my route' below. The resultant map shows the crow flight (direct) and road route between the two points you have selected.

Be patient GeoCoding can take time, if there is an error simply refresh the page. Once the map appears you may zoom in/out and move the markers to get a more accurate reading or change your route. You can also pan the map by dragging it, just 'click and hold'. For more information on the Rás route click on the 'An Post Rás' web link above.

For more information click on the web link above.

If you require your data back please be sure the whole class enters the same unique school roll number and class name/year. Without these details it may not be possible to return your data. All text entry fields are compulsory.

Click 'Submit' to send your data to the database. The start and end point is only needed to find the route and straight line distances. The submitted data will be kept securely on the our servers and used to create teaching resources. Any data requested by schools or colleges will have the addresses (i.e. your home or school location) removed. The map feature of this resource is powered by the Google Maps API. Photos ©