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Results from last year's survey are now available and they’re fascinating. 863 young people in Irish schools completed the Phase 9 questionnaire between September 2009 and May 2010. Here are some things we found by having a look at their data.

Over half (54%) of those completing the survey were female and the age range was between 12 and 20 inclusive.

age distribution for phase 9 online Questionnaire

Students were asked their height, foot length, length of index finger and length of ring finger. There was a slight positive association between height and foot length, where taller students tended to also have a longer foot. The correlation coefficient was 0.32.

Scatterplot of Height v's Foot Lenght

Both Girls and Boys, as their first choice, would own a mobile phone, second to this they would choose a computer with internet.

choice of technology

Meteor was the most popular mobile network with almost half (47%) of the responders subscribing to this network.
Which mobile phone network are you on?

Phase 9 asked which subjects pupils would like removed from the Irish School Curriculum. Both Girl and Boys selected Gaeilge as the subject they would most like to remove from the Curriculum.


Which subject would you get rid of?


With the 2012 Olympics being held in the UK, the CensusAtSchool Team are interested in young peoples’ views.

The chart below shows who school aged learners named as the most famous Olympian.


Who school pupils named as the most famous Olympians?


When asked “Which superpower would you like to have?”, most girls wanted to be telepathic whereas most boys wanted the ability to freeze time.

Our results suggest that most children would prefer to be happy rather than famous, healthy or rich and this preference increases slightly as they get older.


Which would you prefer to be?


When the data are split into male and female, the mode for both groups is Happy. The second most popular choice for Boys was to be Rich, however, for Girls this was Healthy.


Which would you prefer to be?


There is a game at the end of the Phase 9 online questionnaire. The idea of the game is to move the red square out of the way of the 4 moving blue rectangles for as long as possible. It seems that boys are better at this game than girls. The best time was 27.56 seconds.


Which would you prefer to be?


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