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Young people are definitely online citizens - 98% of the students who did our survey last year go online on a weekly basis. And two-thirds of them were in touch with friends over the internet during the week prior to completing the survey. It's hard to imagine a world without the internet! Have a look at the published findings and you'll see some interesting data. In total 8,610 secondary school students from 243 schools completed the 2012/2013 CensusAtSchool questionnaire between August 2012 and August 2013.

The questionnaire covered a variety of topics ranging from the weight of school bags, online activities, the frequency and cost of haircuts, and what sport you'd like to represent Ireland in at the Olympic Games. 

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) published a special release of the highlights from these results on 17/10/2013.


CensusAtSchool 12 - Results and Analysis

Interesting findings from CensusAtSchool 12:

  • Nearly two-thirds of students (61%) were in touch with friends over the Internet during the week prior to answering the survey.
  • Just 2% of students stated they had not been online during the same time period.
  • 45% of students indicated they play a musical instrument. The most popular instruments were the Piano (30%), Guitar (25%) and the Tin Whistle (13%).
  • Over two-thirds of students (67%) have a game console at home.
  • Spanish (41%), Italian (16%) and Chinese(11%) were the languages stated by students as being the most preferred to learn when given a choice of any languages that were not currently available in their schools.
  • The most common method of travelling to school by students was by Car (47%). Travelling by Bus (27%) and Walking (21%) were the next most popular methods of travelling to school.
  • 44% of students take less than 10 minutes to travel to school. In contrast 3% of students take over 60 minutes to travel to their school.
  • Male and female students both selected Football, Boxing and Athletics as the top three sports in which they would most like to represent Ireland at the Olympics from a list of 28 options.

Further analysis ...

Scatter plot of Student Height vs Arm Span
Students were asked in the survey to provide a measurement for their height and arm span. The results above are presented using a scatter plot in Chart A. The survey indicates a strong positive correlation association between height and arm span, where taller students tended to have a longer arm span. The Pearson correlation coefficient is 0.46.

Box Plot of School Year by Student Height
Charts B shows the distribution of the male and female height of students classified by their school year. The inter quartile range (highlighted in blue) of the two charts indicate the Male and Female students had the greatest range of height in years 1 and 2 with the male students showing a greater dispersion than female students.


Stem and leaf plot of the bag weight of 3rd year students that walk to school
Chart C shows that 3rd year students who walk to school are most likely to have a school bag weighing between 5 and 8 kilograms. The modal school bag weight for this sub-sample of the survey was 5.0 kilograms.


Stem and leaf plot of the bag weight of 6th Year Student’s that walk to school classified by gender of student
Chart D shows the distribution of school bag weight for 6th year students who stated that they walk to school. The chart indicates that for this sub-sample of the overall survey male students carry heavier school bags than female students.




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