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Children in the UK appear to be upwardly mobile with 72% of our CensusAtSchool 2 respondents having their own mobile phone and 88% having access to a computer at home. This compares to 41% with a mobile phone and 82% having access to a computer in the original CensusAtSchool (Autumn 2000). Over 80% had breakfast on the day they filled in the questionnaire leaving a worrying 20% who were attending school without.

Eye colours

Comparison with our data from Queensland and South Africa gives some fascinating insights. While the massive difference in eye colours between South Africa and the UK is easily understood, there is remarkable similarity in the top sports enjoyed by the two countries. For females, netball, swimming and dance sport all figure in the top six for both countries.


Males agree that the top sports are football and rugby. Overall 5.1% of children in the UK and 3.1% in South Africa do not have any favourite sport, although in both countries there are more girls than boys choosing 'No favourite'.

Children in Queensland do seem more willing to do chores at home with just over 70% of UK participants saying they regularly tidied their room compared to 80% in Queensland.In the UK 9.3% say they do no jobs at home compared to only 4.3% in Queensland.


NB In Queensland only Primary pupils were asked set table and High school pupils asked iron, mow lawn and prepare meals, in the UK all were asked

Below are two fixed random samples of the data consisting of 100 records each. Right click and 'Save Target as' to save the file or left click to open the Excel file directly.

You can also gain access to samples from the full data set via our random data selector page.




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