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CensusAtSchool 3 Results (2002/2003) Print

Children in the UK answered CensusAtSchool 3 during the academic year 2002/3, by March 2004 there were 8500 records

Question 13 asked the children "Who do you look up to?". We certainly received some unusual names. For example - do you know who Shigeru Miyamoto is? Whether or not you know the answer you may find our People to look up to? resource interesting.

The resting Pulse Rate question certainly produced some interesting results! Have a look at the graph below - What do you notice?


We asked if they agreed with the statement "Fruit and Veg are Good for you" and in addition asked how many portions they regularly ate. Here are the results - Do you think your class would have similar results?


Below are two fixed random samples of the data consisting of 100 records each.

You can also gain access to samples from the full data set via our random data selector page.




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