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CensusAtSchool 5 Results (2004/2005) Print

Children in the UK first took part in the CensusAtSchool 5 survey during the academic year 2004/5.

Over 23,000 pupils have so far taken part in Phase 5, 52% were female and 48% were male. Of these students, 17% lived in Cities, 49% Towns and 29% Villages while 5% lived in hamlets, farms or the countryside.


The Mobile Phone came out as the 'Coolest' fashion accessory. Males and females varied in what they thought was second, with males favouring Trainers and females Rings & Jewellery. The favourite Harry Potter character question provoked much interest with Dobby winning the vote with 22%. Hermione came second on 15% although she was far more popular with girls than boys. Nearly 13% said they had not read the book. Harry himself gained just under 10% of the vote.

Harry Potter

The favourite colours showed very predictable tendencies with Girls choosing Pink, Blue and Lilac as their top three and Boys choosing Blue, Red and Green.


This Graph shows how the respondents saw the English Premiership unravelling over the 04/05 football season. The lines show the percentage of children voting for each of four teams to win the premiership. It is interesting to see that the four teams start the season in the order they finished the season before. After Chelsea had actually won, which happened on 30th April 2005, the teams realign for the next season. The autumn seemed most interesting as regards the top of the table while who was to finish bottom was only decided on the final day of the season. This has been turned into a curriculum resource available from the mathematics section of the resource area of the website.

The measurement data from this phase provided much interest, especially the 'Belly Button to Floor' measurement which when divided into the height should give an approximation for the Golden Ratio or Phi number of 1.618. This has generated the Fi - Fi (Phi)- Fo-Fum lesson plan in the mathematics section.

Nearly 70% said they had never smoked with only 9% saying they had smoked many times. This compares with 14% saying they had never drunk alcohol and 31% saying they had done so many times. 82% said they had never truanted from school.

Further graphs and chunks of data from Phase 5 are available throughout the site.

Below are two fixed random samples of the data consisting of 100 records each.


You can also gain access to samples from the full data set via our random data selector page.




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