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2002/2003 Latest

CensusAtSchool 3 Results

– Interesting findings from results:

  • Children in the UK answered CensusAtSchool 3 during the academic year 2002/3, by March 2004 there were 8500 records.
  • Question 13 asked the children “Who do you look up to?”. We certainly received some unusual names. For example – do you know who Shigeru Miyamoto is? Whether or not you know the answer you may find our People to look up to? resource interesting.
  • The resting Pulse Rate question certainly produced some interesting results! Have a look at the graph below – What do you notice?
  • We asked if they agreed with the statement “Fruit and Veg are Good for you” and in addition asked how many portions they regularly ate. Here are the results – Do you think your class would have similar results?
  • Below are two fixed random samples of the data consisting of 100 records each.
    Sample 1 (XLS)
    Sample 2 (XLS)