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CensusAtSchool 7 Results

CensusAtSchool 7 saw input from just over 15 and a half thousands children, 51% males and 49% females. The chart below shows that while Pizza and Chinese are the highest rating fast food offerings, females show a distinct leaning towards Chinese whereas only slightly more males prefer Chinese to Pizza.

– Interesting findings from results:

  • Though fast food is a topical issue at the moment, what do the participants consider to be the most important topical issue facing Britain today? Climate change comes a distinctively first place in all ages of children, however interestingly, is considered important by fewer pupils as they get older – and as the importance of climate change seems to diminish with age, the importance of crime, energy sources and education rises. Could it be that as they prepare to leave school pupils are faced with realising the importance of being well qualified?
  • When asked to consider how things are likely to change over the next few years, a massive 88% of pupils expect that the quality of education will stay the same or get better! Education, education, education – perhaps advertising works? On the other hand half expect environmental quality to get worse and almost as many 49% expect crime to also get worse. See our Sept 07 newsletter for a comparison between this data and what adults think about the same issues.
  • “Who do you look up to?” was first asked during Phase 3 and many of the same trends noticed then are still true today. Relatives were the people that nearly 30% of school children look up to but as they get older they are increasingly looking up to celebrities and friends. Sportspeople seem to have also increased in their popularity as role models.
  • Below are two fixed random samples of the data consisting of 100 records each.
    Sample 1 (XLS)
    Sample 2 (XLS)