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Census 2016 Print
Census 2016Click on the logo for information on the Irish census which takes place on Sunday April 24th, 2016.
CSO Ireland: Life in 1916 Ireland: Stories from statistics Print

The Central Statistics Office have produced a publication to mark the centenary of the 1916 Rising. We decided to commemorate this momentous occasion by searching for statistics from Ireland for the 1916 period which illustrated what life was like for people living 100 years ago. The report contains 72 tables on a wide variety of topics including population, births, marriages, deaths, education, crime, prices, transport and agriculture. We also have a chapter which gives a brief biography of many of the people involved or associated with the Rising including their census reports. We have also included a section on notable people from the 1911 census.

For further information: 

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CensusAtSchool 14 Results (2014/2015) Print

5,348 (1.5%) from an estimated 368,000 secondary school students completed the Phase 14 questionnaire of the CensusAtSchool survey between September 2014 and August 2015. The questionnaire covered a variety of topics ranging from how often students participated in family activities each week to the number of text messages they send daily. 

CensusAtSchool 15 (2015/2016) Print

GPO RisingAs we enter the centenary year of the 1916 Easter Rising we have decided to include a few questions for the 2015/16 Questionnaire on history. Have you ever visited a historical site relating to Irish events for the period 1912-1922? Can you identify some of the signatories of the Proclamation of Independence? But we’re not completely confined to the past as we also have questions about social media usage and sport.  So lots of potential to collect and examine class data on the past and the present.

Irish students win the International Statistical Literacy Poster Competition Print

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the 60th International Statistics Institute World Statistics Congress 2015, Rachael Ni Dhonnachadha and Shannon Ni Dhonnachadha, two Irish maths students from St. Vincent’s Secondary School, Dundalk, were placed first in the world in the senior category of an international poster competition. Their poster “Road to Rio - Protecting Our Olympic Boxing Future” was judged the best in the world in the poster competition run by the International Association of Statistical Education (IASE) in collaboration with the International Statistical Literacy Project (ISLP). The poster competition attracted over 8,145 entries from across six continents, with strong competition coming from countries including Japan, Russia, Korea, Mexico, Australia, Kenya, India, many other EU member states and South Africa. This poster has already won the Irish John Hooper Medal for Statistics poster competition, garnering them both the beautifully engraved sterling silver John Hooper Medal as well as a total of €1,600 in prize money, €1,000 of which is awarded to the school and €600 to the students themselves.

Rachel and Shannon 2015 John Hooper Winners

Rachael (left) and Shannon (right) Ni Dhonnachadha.

Not to be outdone by their older peers Aoife Conroy, Jessica Barbulescu and Lauren Murphy, from Loreto Secondary School in Balbriggan did Ireland proud coming third place in the world, in the junior category, of the same competition, with their poster “The effects of meditation and positivity training on school community members”.
You can view the prize winning posters on the CSO website and get details of the John Hooper Medal for Statistics poster competition and the Awards Ceremony.
John Hooper 2015 Prize Awards

If you are interesting in entering the 2016 poster competition please follow the links below.

Link to information on the John Hooper Medal for Statistics 2016 poster competition:
Link to the John Hooper Medal for Statistics 2016 poster competition flyer:
John Hooper Medal for Statistics 2016 Flyer (PDF 1,727KB)

CensusAtSchool: A Tool to Support the Maths Curriculum Print

Maria Broderick teaches Mathematics in Colaíste Bríde in Clondalkin, Dublin. In this Good Practice video from PDST Technology in Education she discusses how CensusAtSchool supports teaching and learning of statistics in her class.

Family Pie Charts Print

This year (2014) is the 20th anniversary of the International Year of the Family. Family plays a very important role in all our lives, but how exactly has family structure changed in Ireland in the last 40 years?

Pie charts provide a useful and visual way of comparing the types of families in Ireland back in 1981 with those in 2011. This lesson plan and worksheet contains data from the Central Statistics Office and offers opportunities for students to understand more about pie charts and the role that families play in our society.

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